(Not So) Mellow Yellow

How to wear yellow

The Duchess of Sussex, recently donned a sunny yellow dress to attend the Commonwealth Youth Challenge Reception in London. The dress, by Brandon Maxwell, is a classic sheath with a boat neck. The midi length made is ultra-conservative and modern all at the same time.

Yellow has gained popularity this season, especially being coined as "Gen-Z Yellow", Millennial Pink's counterpart. I've welcomed the color with open arms! Here are some of my favorite pieces....

Ok, so you've found something you love, now, how to wear it!?

Do test the waters.

Not sure about the bright color? Start with small accessories like earrings, a handbag, bandana or sunglasses.

Do commit to one color.

Oh, you're ready to make a statement? Commit to yellow and avoid adding too many other colors to your look. With the exception of lip color (which I fully support), notice these ladies accessorize with neutrals.

Don't mix too many other colors.

Let the yellow do the work. Mixing prints with too many other colors is disrtacting and busy.

Do balance with neutrals.

Rather than adding other colors, balance your yellow prints with neutrals.

Don't be too matchy-matchy.

Avoid being overly matchy-matchy. Either commit to wearing yellow or accessorize with neautrals (see above).

Do wear with white.

White and yellow make a crisp combo!

Do wear with jeans.

Pair with your favorite jeans, jean skirt or chambray top for a breezy summer look!


Living Floral Tattoos

I'll be honest, I had never heard of floral tattoos before Emily of Emily Wren Photography asked me to style this photo shoot for Love N' Fresh Flowers. Flower crowns, absolutely, floral appliqué, yes, floral tattoos, nope! But now that I've worked with them, I'm a huge fan!

Trousseau Style Boudoir Shoot

Floral tattoos are basically just flowers glued on to a large adhesive strip (like the sticky part of a bandaid). They're meant to be worn on the body as an accessory and are especially perfect for events surrounding weddings and new babies. We used them here for a classy boudoir shoot, but they would be perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower or maternity shoot. And of course, they would be beautiful to accessorize a wedding day look. However, while they are pretty sticky, I wouldn't plan on wearing them the entire day. After all, they are real flowers and with sweat and body heat, they might not last.

Trousseau Style Boudoir Shoot

Jennie from Love 'n Fresh Flowers made these in a few different shapes. We loved styling the "S" shape and found it created a beautiful fluid movement. A "U" shape would also be fun to frame a pregnant belly! As you can see below, having a variety of shapes was really fun to play with.


Emily gave me some direction and inspiration for the shoot with beautiful vintage lingerie and lots of color blocking. This shoot took place in April, and after a looong winter, we were all ready for lots of COLOR! I opted for higher waisted silhouettes, boy shorts, wide waisted bras and body suits to stay in line with the vintage feel. It was such a joy working with these talented creatives!

Photography by Emily Wren Photography
Flowers by Love n' Fresh Flowers
Hair and Makeup by True Beauty Marks
Models from Reinhard Agency
@blairadair | @j_whyy
Backdrops by Dusted Backdrops

Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia Feature

Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia Trousseau Style

I'm incredibly proud and honored to be featured in Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia's inaugural issue. Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia is the newest branch of the Modern Luxury brand and sister to Philadelphia Style Magazine - so, you know it's going to be good! It's exciting to see the magazine's luxurious take on the Philadelphia wedding market. Engaged or not, you'll want to pick up a copy (available at Barnes and Noble) and get inspired!

And I hope you'll get some ideas and inspiration from my article written by Editor-in-Chief, Alana Tosti. We chatted about curating the perfect looks for the big day and surrounding events. Read the article HERE and access the entire issue HERE!

And HUGE congratulations to Alana Tosti and the team at Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia! Thank you for this beautiful feature.

Photos by Brittani Elizabeth Photography.


How To Master Discount Shopping

Let's be honest, everyone loves a deal. And when it comes to your precious wardrobe, deals are especially sweet! But discount shopping can be difficult. When saving money is involved, we start to get swept away by the deal and not the item itself. We start to compromise, settle and let price drive our purchase rather than our personal needs and tastes. As we continue to buy mediocre pieces on sale, our wardrobe reflects our purchasing habits and becomes, well, mediocre. And as a result, we end up with a closet full of nothing to wear.

So how do we resolve this perpetual cycle? When shopping, check in and asking yourself a few questions....

@marinaskaanes via Twenty20

Would I buy this at full price?

We all know the feeling of falling in love with a garment, bringing it to the register and finding out it's on sale. Ah, life is good! But it doesn't always work out this way. It usually looks more like this... You're shopping around, find a few things you love, look at the price tag, gasp, and put it back. You find your way to the sale section, pick out a few pieces you like, try them on, decide they're good enough and purchase them.

Stop right there, before you purchase ask yourself, "do I like this enough to pay full-price for it?" Now, I understand you're budget might not allow you to pay full price for it, but do you love it so much that you would dream about that top and stalk it until it went on sale or find a way to purchase it? If the answer is yes, that's a good discount purchase.

Am I settling?

Deals are very attractive. You are literally swept away by the idea of having a designer dress at half the price. In fact, you're so swept away by the price that you don't notice (or care) that it's a little too small, the print is obnoxious and you swore off cold shoulders last season. So you buy the piece anyway, spend a significant amount of money on it (even thought it's on sale) and still have nothing to wear. I think we can all agree that you would have been better off spending a little more on something you actually love.

Do I have something to wear with this?

Often times I find ah-mazing statement pieces in a client's wardrobe with the tags still on it. When I ask why the gorgeous garment has never been worn, I usually get one of two answers, 1) they have nothing to wear it with, or 2) it still needs to be altered. Either way, it can't be worn and it's wasting space.

Before you buy something on sale, ask yourself, do I have anything else to wear with this stunning garment? If not, am I willing to devote the time and energy towards building an outfit around it or getting it altered. 

When all else fails...

If you've asked yourself the questions above and still can't think clearly, put the item on hold, LEAVE THE STORE and get your head right. Sometimes, stepping away will bring all the clarity you need.


When to Wear Tights

The erratic weather we've been experiencing brings up all kinds of obstacles when getting dressed. One major question is about tights - to wear, or not to wear?! While I usually like to stay out of "fashion rules," I'll weigh in here because dressing appropriately for occasions and weather is always important to me.

Time of Year

Time of year is the most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to wear tights. As a rule of thumb, I recommend wearing tights December through February, without question. If it's unseasonably warm one day, you could opt to wear a lighter tight, like sheer black or nude. Regardless of the weather, I wouldn't recommend going bare leg during these months, it's winter!

 Photo by Brittani Elizabeth

Photo by Brittani Elizabeth


October, November, March, April can go either way and whether or not you wear tights really depends on the weather. If there's snow on the ground, WEAR TIGHTS! If it's 60 degrees, don't! Use your best judgement during these months.

 Photo by  Ashlee Mintz

Photo by Ashlee Mintz


Remember the days when socks and sandals were a faux pas? Well, now it's a trend! When wearing socks, or tights, with sandals it should be intentional, not forced because you don't have the right footwear. 

Alexa Chung gets it. These looks are subtle and chic...

 Photos from  Virivee

Photos from Virivee

While this look definitely makes a statement, it feels forced and unnecessary...

How to wear tights with sandals

Still have questions about when to wear tights? Comment below!