Wardrobe Essential : Leather Bomber Jacket

Philadelphia Personal Stylist Lauren Hartman

One piece that my wardrobe could not live with out is this grey leather bomber jacket. It's been a wardrobe staple for several years now and has completed several outfits!

As the youngest of two girls, I used to hand-me-downs and totally welcome them. So when my bestie passed this beauty down to me, I was beyond excited. When this jacket first fell in my lap about 4 years ago, it was a little "too cool" for me. I wore it on occasion but balances it out with some more simple.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for a leather jacket, fit is key because alterations are typically not an option. It should fit tight to your body but have enough room to fit a light weather underneath. You should be able to zip the jacket, although I hardly ever do.

I've paired it here with some majorly distressed jeans and a lace top. Plus my go-to hair style by ONLO and some killed vintage jewelry from L. Priori Jewelry.

Lauren Hartman - Philadelphia Personal Stylist
Personal Stylist Lauren Hartman
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